​​​​​​​OncoRx is developing novel small-molecule drug products with well-defined patient populations that are not being adequately served by other drug therapies and represent a clear unmet medical need. OncoRx initially plans to develop its drug products for small, niche markets; and then expand into larger markets  as the company grows. In both cases. the company plans to pursue a robust preclinical development program and clinical development program for their drug candidates only after a compelling and scientifically sound proof of concept,  and the establishment of a clear regulatory path for approval.

Donald L. Barbeau
President and Chief Scientific Officer

Donald L. Barbeau has over 42 years of experience in the health care industry, principally in the area of pharmaceutical development and intellectual property management. Most recently he was founder and Chief Scientific Officer of two early-stage drug development companies. He was a co-founder of ProCor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and founder of Barbeau Pharma Inc., where he was Chief Scientific Officer and served on the Board of Directors for both companies. Mr. Barbeau is the inventor of the proprietary technologies used in OncoRx's current development programs and the inventor on over 13 United States patents and pending patent applications.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Barbeau conducted cardiovascular research at the University of Chicago in the Specialized Center of Research on Arteriosclerosis.  Mr. Barbeau is the recipient of BS and MS degrees in Biochemistry and Biophysics, an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and studied for his PhD degree in Biochemistry at the University of Chicago.

Barbara K. Barbeau
Chief Regulatory Officer

Barbara K. Barbeau has over 29 years of experience in the health care industry, principally in the area of regulatory affairs, product development, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property management. Most recently she was Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs for Baxter Healthcare Corporation and managed its international regulatory affairs group. During her career, Ms. Barbeau was responsible for submitting multiple dossiers and received regulatory approval from the FDA and EC for a number of commercial products including 23 Class I-III medical devices covering transfusion therapies, 30 NDAs, 36 ANDAs and 9 grandfathered pharmaceutical products. Ms. Barbeau is the recipient of a BS degree in Chemistry and studied for her PhD degree in Chemistry at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. 

The Management

The Company

OncoRx  is an early-stage pharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing drug therapies designed to control the growth and proliferation of tumors that are currently untreatable. Although the majority of primary and secondary tumors in situ are treatable with current therapies, drug-resistant tumors and  tumors with self-renewing cancer stem cells are not. 

The Company has completed in-vitro and in vivo studies that demonstrate that its lead drugs are cytotoxic against multiple drug-resistant tumors and multiple types of  self-renewing cancer stem cells at clinically-relevant concentrations. ​​ The company is now preparing to conduct the IND-enabling studies for its Phase I clinical trials.

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